Love Story

Double trouble with double triggering. Read what happens when a couple learns to consciously receive love from one another. 

Rene was certain that her boyfriend Mark was in love with her, as he expressed his feelings in myriad ways, but for some reason she couldn’t accept the love he was showering upon her. . . .


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Find Love

You really can recreate the love you found in your relationship with Heart Chakra Coaching. That love still exists within you and your partner!

  • Falling in love is easy – it simply happens to us. Finding love in your relationship requires learning conscious couples love skills. You will learn these skills in the Heart Chakra Coaching Program.
  • Did you know that after Romantic Love dies Real Love is born? Discover Real Love with heart chakra tools. You will learn what these tools are and how to use them in the Heart Chakra Coaching Program.
  • Have you lost that loving feeling? Are you or your partner responding with one of these 4 unconscious reactions: fight, flight, freeze passively (give up), or submit defensively (give yourself away)? You will learn to Tap these reactions Out with EFT in the EFT -Tapping into Love Sessions.
  • When love is found we respond with 4 conscious actions: protect love, allow love, make love, and become love. What if you could experience all of these in your relationship? You will learn to Tap these actions In with EFT in the EFT -Tapping into Love Sessions.
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