Love Story

Walk into a session and look into the mirror with Alejandro and Sophia as they instantly use new tools to communicate their deepest unspoken fears. 

Both Alejandro and Sophia were standing up in front of mirrors featured on one wall of the studio that we were work in. I was preparing to do a closing exercise with them that uses energizing positive EFT Tapping while in a standing posture. However, Alejandro moved off to the side just before we started. . . .


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Soul Mate

What if you could experience Soul Mate Love? Discover love as a spiritual path with Love Astrology Consultations.

  • Soul Mate Love creates a sacred energy with love at the center, a place where couples can always go to become Soul-Filled. Click here to discover the Wheel of Love.
  • Soul Mate Love holds the promise of love lived actively, and with conscious intent it will evoke the heart chakra center in each partner.
  • Soul Mate Love requires all that is not love within us to surface, and by becoming present to it, all that is not love can be released and healed.
  • Romantic Love allows us to fall in love, and in the descent we experience Romantic Love's fleeting, ephemeral bliss.
  • Soul Mate Love allows us to rise in love, and in that ascension we consciously experience the enduring bliss of co-creating love.
  • Love Astrology Consultations puts the 'Soul' back in Soul Mates. Click here to learn how to become a Soul Mate.
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