Client Testimonial

"Thank you SO very much for yesterday's session. We certainly appreciate all the time and effort that went into planning for us as well as your brilliant delivery. I have not seen Kenny that blown away in a long time (actually only once before).

I think that session provided an incredible amount of validation and healing for him.


For me it was incredibly insightful and will be very helpful and useful for me to be more loving, compassionate and understanding with him as well as myself. You are truly magical - I've seen other astrologers and none of them have the grasp and delivery capabilities that you do. It's awesome.”
- Kerry


Love Astrology Consultations

Love really is written in the stars! When you and your lover took your first breath you were blessed with a very unique way of expressing and receiving love.

Discover your Love Compatibility through the heavenly love alignments that connect you to your partner. Stay in Love by mastering the Secrets of Love Astrology.

  • Love Secret #1: Discover your Soul Mate Connection
  • Love Secret #2: Discover your Celestial Seduction Connection
  • Love Secret #3: Discover your Heart Chakra Connection
  • Love Secret #4: Discover your Romance Connection
  • Love Secret #5: Discover your Destiny Connection
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