Client Testimonials

"This stuff [EFT®] is totally, truly the most amazing thing! I feel great. It really is amazing! Thanks so much!" - Suzette


"Ryan and I are doing well and not triggered almost at all! It is amazing!!!" Mary


"My husband really got a lot out of his time with you and wants me to listen to his recording to see what I think. So we both thank you." - Paula

"You were right that I move through emotions quickly, and suggested that I hold onto the good ones and make them last.  From that moment on, it really helped me cherish the lovely times I have with Matthew.  Now, after a nice weekend with him, I tend to think about our special moments and it gets me through those stressful work weeks." - Julie

EFT - Tapping Into Love Sessions

Support your personal growth and care for your Relationship by releasing personal internal triggers with EFT Tapping. By clearing all that is not love within you, your relationship can easily move into Conscious Loving.

  • The Past: Tap out Past Love Pain
    Clear and release past relationships and old modeling from your Parent's relationship blueprint. Tap into a new relationship vision.
  • Relationship Needs: Tap in Love Fulfillment
    Clear and release unmet safety, validation and acceptance needs. Tap in emotional support and understanding.
  • Communication: Tap in Being Heard and Understood
    Clear and release core repeating arguments, not being heard, and not being understood. Tap into authentic, intentional and heart based communication.
  • Intimacy: Tap into a Love Connection
    Explore: 1) mood and timing, 2) desire, chemistry and drive, 3) body image, and 4) physical boundaries and safety.
  • Customized Individual Sessions
    Tap out love blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears. Tap in higher levels of loving.
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